Collection Of Sufficient And Necessary Information

At this stage, the requirements and needs of the architects and investors for this project as well as the information such as the project’s structure, function and location, the planned lighting budget, user needs should be analyzed ideally. Because, the main theme of the project will be created according to the results of this analysis. In addition to information exchange, all arguments (projects, visuals, knowledge of materials to be used etc.) should be provided to pass to the next stage.


Concept Design

Concept file explains primarily what kind of design is under consideration and what is the targeted results with this design. This stage is the transformation of the architect’s thoughts and desires into lighting solutions. Concept design sketches with the application samples and the photos help the designer and architect to generate an idea about the project and the project is developed out of this stage.

Schematic Design 

After the decision of the concept design, the schematic design stage begins. At this stage, in accordance with the negotiations and architectural demands in the coordination meetings, with performing the lighting calculations, the information about which fixtures can be provided for the selected concept, positioning of these fixtures on plan, section and elevations are included. If the light scenarios and lighting control will be used, it is decided at this stage and developed.

Design Development And Tender Documents Formation

At this stage which the design details are prepared, the positioning of the selected fixtures in plan and sections, the technical characteristics of fixtures to be used, lamp types and colors to be used and if any fittings accessories to be used are specified with all the details. Lighting control projects are prepared. Visualization studies belonging to the project and preparation of tender documents are formed at this stage.

Control And Site Consulting

In this study, the correct implementation on site which is involved in the project, concept and specification file with all details, is ensured. During the procurement process, the compliance between the technical specifications of the fixtures which are provided by the contractor and the technical specifications indicated in the project is inspected. During the assembly process, the accuracy control of the assembly details and necessary fixture-light arrangements are realized. By visiting the site in the needed periods, the problem-free process of the implementation team is maintained.