ALD ( Artificial Lighting Design) Lighting was established to offer independent lighting design and lighting consulting services in 2010 by Architectt, M.Sc.  Onur YIGIT, Electrical Engineer Ebru OZLU and Electrical Engineer Dilek SAHIN who has a master’s degree on the subject of lighting in Building Physics Department.  Since 2014, the company has been managed by Dilek SAHIN and Ebru OZLU.

We principally handle the lighting object in a wide scope, from the formal and functional properties to the structural features, for performing architectural lighting designs along with the rules and techniques specified by “International Lighting Standards”  regarding lighting.

We adapt to the architectural character and usage for creating the design on the one hand, we care about the integration of the light sources provided for the design with the architecture, the adaptation with form, materials, color  and position as far as possible. In addition, we aim to create the designs considering the investment costs and operating costs with energy efficient,  environmentally friendly, sustainable principles in our projects.
Since the user of the lighting is substantially human, we pay attention to  the users’ visual perception, psychological feelings and thoughts as well as the targeting of the specific lighting surfaces and luminance ratios in the lighting designs considering not only the objective measurements, but also the subjective assessments in the projects related to the lighting techniques.

Nonbeing of any brand representative or any partnership with manufacturer firm enables us to deal flexibly in our projects and to assign a specific identity for each project, accordingly to manifest our creative works. We generate solutions compatible with the architecture by analyzing the architectural office, the desires and the needs of the investor and other disciplines in the project.

As ALD Lighting Design, we are ready to be solution partner with our knowledge about technical issues,  experience and creative identification.